Monday, May 31, 2010

A glimpse in myShoppingList

  UPDATE (June 1st 2010): The deadline for the Romanian Android Challenge has been extended until the end of June, so if you want to vote the applications in the competition, I think it is best to hold until the entering of applications period is over.

  Hello my loyal readers, this one is going to be a short glimpse in one of my Android applications - not the Aegis Shield password manager, another one :).
  The idea for this application started last year before the second Google Android Developers Challenge, and we wanted to add so many things to it but gradually we gave some of them up and we arrived to the usable version we have today. Even so, we did not make the Android Developers Challenge so we left the app be for a while, did not work too much on it. Keep in mind that this also was a side project so development on it is on "when I have time basis" - after all a guy's gotta make a living somehow :) .
  The fortunate circumstance that made us push the application forward to a usable version  was the Romanian Android Challenge, organized by HTC Romania, which even if it doesn't have the financial rewards of the Google Android Developers Challenge, still motivated me and my friend Bogdan, with whom I worked on this application for most of the time, to finish it and enter it in the competition.
  We know that the application isn't perfect - we do have a list of known bugs and of user experience improvements we want to implement but it is a step forward in the right direction, and what I want to do here is allow all of you who read my blog a glimpse on the application. Currently it is available in the Android Market but only for Romania, so if you are in Romania and want to check it out and give us some feedback, search for it using this url (remember to use your Android enabled phone). What we intend to do, after the competition is over (in about 10 days), which gives us some more time to fix some remaining things, is to have a release for all the locations in the Android Market and with the English version.
When that is done, I'll add a new post with some instructions on how to use it. Meanwhile, you can checkout some screen shots and if you are in Romania, you can check out the application's challenge page on the competition site and if you like the application, starting tomorrow you can vote for it.

  P.S. I believe we are going to rename the application to something other than myShopping list, since it seems that there already is an application with the name My Shopping List available in the Andorid Market and we do want to avoid any confusion that this may cause, but for now, the name is myShoppingList and the application is only limited to users in Romania.


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