Friday, March 26, 2010

Backlog for the Last Months

  Even though there hasn't been much activity on my blog for the past few months, I am always up to something in the background, joggling with my spare time between family, friends and my hobbies (which include coding), so in this post I am going give you a quick glimpse at what I've been up too coding and technology wise :).
  November and December last year were the months of presentations. I held a pesentation of Google Android Basics, freely available on (just follow the link), to a student organization in Cluj in November and to the local JUG (Transylvania Java User Group) in December. The presenation was somewhat sucessful based on the large number of participants and not on my public speaking skills :) (I hope it was useful for the people who participated), and it contained a short introduction into the Android platfrom from a developer's perspective, with a demo based on my Aegis Shield project, hosted on Google code.
  Meanwhile I continued working on Aegis Shield and on myShopping list of which Aegis Shield 1.0 was completed yesterday, and it will be published as a free appliation in the Android Market in the coming days. Until then, if you would like to try it you can download the apk from the Google code hosting site of the project, listed above. Please do let me know if you find it useful, if it has bugs, or if you would like to add some improvements. Development time for me is fairly limited, so you are more than wellcome to participate with code if you're interested.
  I've also been keeping in touch with Adrian Cole - owner of jclouds cloud service accessing framework - since he is interested in porting jclouds to Android. For that I've started the jclouds-android Google code project which is supposed to be a simple twitter client on Android that uses jclouds to get the twitter feed of a user. However, progress on this field has been slow lately mostly due to my lack of time, but we got to a place where we concluded that we need to compile the jclouds project and it's dependencies with the Android compiler for the Dalvik virtual machine, because there are some warnings when dex-ing the jars that result in runtime errors due to usage of inner classes in the code. I'll be posting on the progress of this project also, once I get some more time to work on it.
  This is it for the moment, I will come back with a detailed post about the features of Aegis Shield, once I'll manage to publish it in the Android Market.
  Until then a nice weekend!

UPDATE:  I've attempted to publish Aegis Shield in the Android Market but got thrown back by the agreements that you must make when publishing in which you guarantee that the use of cryptography API's are conforming with the US Government's export laws. Since I am no lawyer and I couldn't find any obvious information on what the violations may be, I decided not to publish in the Android Market anymore - at least until I find out for sure that the application conforms with the above mentioned requirements.

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