Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Army of Droids

If you are wondering where the hell I've been and why I haven't written anything since March, thanks for your concern and please read on to elucidate the "mystery".
Since October last year, when Android 1.0 was released and the HTC G1 phone followed soon after, I have been following the evolution of our little green droid friend and also I have been working on my spare time together with some friends who share the same interest and passion for this subject on some applications in order to learn the ropes of Google's mobile platform. What I can say is that during this year I have accumulated lots of knowledge on Android and the only real regret I have is that the time which I got to spend working on our projects was rather limited. Anyway, no sense in being hanged on the past now, especially when the future holds lots of exciting things that are going to happen. We've seen 3 major Android updates since its release and this month came the 4th - Android 2.0. We've seen 2 more HTC phones with Android, one from Samsung one from Motorola and next month will bring some really anticipated entries into the scene such as the Motorola Droid, the Sony-Ericsson Rachel, the Acer Liquid, the Samsung Behold II and some more from HTC.
You may wonder what's this got to do with me not writing anything here for half an year. Well, as I mentioned, I was busy learning the platform and working on some applications. The first one, called Aegis Shield, is a simple password manager for your web or computer accounts which spawned from the idea of having all your sensitive account information in one secure place and at your finger tips at all times. This project is Open Source software and it is hosted on this Google code address. The application is currently available for download as an apk from the Google code site mentioned above and is at the stage of release candidate 2. It will be available as a full fledged free application in the Google Android Market once the first version is completed.
With this occasion, I would like to thank the guys that helped me with code committed on this application - Rares Barbantan and Christian Stefanescu. Also, I would like to thank Lucian Grozav (aka Pava) for his support in testing the application on his HTC Magic phone - brave guy :).
The second application started as an idea to participate in the ADC2 challenge but unfortunately we didn't get to finish a good working version by the time the entry time for ADC2 ended. However, that did not discouraged us and we are now close to having version 1.0 ready. The application will also be available in the Android Marked as a free application so keep following the blog for announcements of when it is going to be released. For this application I worked together with two friends of mine to whom I would like to thank for their contribution, support, ideas and most importantly for the code contributions - the two are Bogdan Popa and Alex Boga.
As you can see, I had a lot to do, and combined also with my family and job responsibilities this concurred to the fact that I did not have enough time to write blog posts. At least, now I have some good subjects to talk about, so keep posted - more on Android and on my projects will follow, especially since next month will be full of surprises and new Android related stuff.

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