Thursday, February 05, 2009

JobMate BETA is live

A friend of mine, Radu Tanasa, participated on behalf of his company Lightway Software, in the development of a new jobs portal for the local Romanian market, called jobmate, and he asked me to do a little presentation of the application on my blog in order to attract more people to the site.
First of all, please note that the site still is in beta stage, so you are encouraged to give it a try and send any feedback you may have through the site's contact functionality.
The portal is trying to bring more value to the people seeking new jobs by allowing them to create and maintain online CV's, access the site's forum with human resource information, read tutorials and job advice and also get free legal advice from a lawyer available for any questions they may have.
After the beta stage is over, the portal will also allow for companies to be able to view the CV's of job seekers so that they can choose from the available pool, the employees that may fit best their needs.
All in all, the site has a modern look, and offers enough functionality for its intended purpose, so if you are interested in being on the market for a job, or you are looking to hire, please give it a try and offer any feedback you have to it's creators, it might just be the next best thing in this domain.

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Andrei N. said...

I've registered a few days ago and at first glance it looks ok, but I am waiting for more content.

Great job for start!

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