Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Changes, changes and, guess what, more changes

Hi everybody and sorry for the long dry streak of articles on my blog. 2008 was a long and busy year for me for several reasons:
1. I got married last summer (pictures here) - so ladies the train has left the station :).
2. We went for a nice 2 week holiday/honeymoon in Croatia - see pictures here.
3. We finished the interior of our new apartment and we moved there.
4. We got also a new car - hooray now the banks own my ass for good :).
As you can see a lot went on in my life last year, and these were only the major things, not to mention other stuff like picking up a new hobby - photography and starting to learn Google's Android platform - see learning project here.
I am not going to make a promise out of writing more on the blog - that hasn't worked too well for me on other occasions, but as a resolution for this year, I intend to spend more time on my personal and professional development, which means that there will be a series of articles on my hobbies, including the biggest one I have, coding :). So stay tuned until next time, and we'll see what the new year brings as we go :).

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