Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year's Resolution

Well, another year passed by, making me remember I am getting older and counting the things I have to get done around here before I will pass on :)...and many they are.
Last year was one full of changes and big decisions for me and also for the people around me, which is good, and even if sometimes it is tiring we need to learn how to embrace change before we can move on. It's, as some would say, one of life's most important lessons: we need to learn how to deal with change and adapt, otherwise we get left behind.
As I said, a lot has happened last year, we decided to get married (me and my girlfriend), we got a new apartment (and a nice mortgage to go with it) and I got a nice promotion at the end of the year. Also, we should not forget the people we got used having around and which passed on last year, God rest their souls, Florian Pitis, Luciano Pavarotti and Colin McRae, but this is also a natural part of life and the changes it involves.
I believe that the New Year will bring even more challenges for us in making our way through life. There will be many new things either planned, either waiting to be discovered for us this year, making our journey not a boring one.
My personal hope is that this year will bring a lot of happiness to everybody and that we will all try to be kinder to our kin than we've been before. Too much we have been slaves to money and power and I think the time has come for us to free ourselves from these chains and live our lives the way they were meant to be lived at the beginnings.


Shiro said...

"In the game of life
The strong survive
We're on a one-way street
We gotta make it out alive
And never let 'em drag us down
In the game of life
We live and die
Another breath begins
Another chance to win the fight
From the moment that you hit the ground
In the game of life"

(Scorpions - The Game Of Life)

Mihai Campean said...

Thanks Shiro, indeed life's like a game, but a game of high stakes.

Playing for Change