Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Ultimate Programming Language

Last week I had an interesting discussion with one of my friends and colleagues about the the ongoing programming language hypes and He said he believed that about 80% of the programmers community is still waiting for "The Ultimate Programming Language", a language good for programming everything they may think of. I couldn't help but agree with his statement and it inspired me to write a new post about what I think this "Ultimate Programming Language" should be.

Since the beginning of the programming language history people have been searching for the perfect language and yet we have no language that is perfect, nor do I think we'll have one (at least not in the near future). However, I do believe we are pretty close to having some platforms that would fit in the majority of cases, the description of an "Ultimate Platform".

You will probably wonder on what am I basing my claims, so I am going to explain a bit what I mean. Lately there have been a lot of hypes around some new or (until recently) unknown programming languages that led to a lot of contradictory discussions between their communities which all claimed their language of choice was better than whatever other language they didn't like. Until some time ago, I also thought that Java was the best there is and I didn't want to hear of any other language. Fortunately my experience finally got to me bringing me the wisdom of realizing that there is no perfect programming language. As we humans are imperfect, having our own flaws, we cannot expect a single programming language to be perfect, especially if it is created by us :).

The best thing about all these hypes and contradictory discussions is that they have sparked some very good ideas in the sense of supporting more than one programming language on the well known platforms Java and .NET, including official support from the companies behind the platforms, so this means that more and more people realize that the real key to achieving the "Ultimate Programming Language" is in fact achieving an "Ultimate Platform", a platform that would allow everybody to do their job using the best language for a given task. The truth is that certain languages are good for certain things, so I believe that if we have a chance to combine them, we will be able to do our work in a more efficient and elegant manner.

There have also been other voices in the communities saying that the future of enterprise programming may require us to be polyglot programmers. I think that there is a fair chance that this will happen especially seeing the support Sun is putting into JRuby and Groovy and I am glad that in the end more and more people are realizing that using the right tool for the right job is the best way to get things done.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lightway Software - new website

Lightway Software is the company that my good friend and ex work colleague Radu Tanasa started about a year ago. Since then he had to travel his own journey and it has not been an easy one, but he managed to stay on top of the situations he had to face and the year passed successfully.
This post is actually an announcement of the new version of the Lightway Software website and also a recommendation from me to anyone who might need help with a Java Enterprise or Web application to trustfully ask for Radu's help.
The values around which he founded his business are quality and customer orientation, so bringing value to the end customer is what matters to Lightway Software.
"It's all about choices."

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year's Resolution

Well, another year passed by, making me remember I am getting older and counting the things I have to get done around here before I will pass on :)...and many they are.
Last year was one full of changes and big decisions for me and also for the people around me, which is good, and even if sometimes it is tiring we need to learn how to embrace change before we can move on. It's, as some would say, one of life's most important lessons: we need to learn how to deal with change and adapt, otherwise we get left behind.
As I said, a lot has happened last year, we decided to get married (me and my girlfriend), we got a new apartment (and a nice mortgage to go with it) and I got a nice promotion at the end of the year. Also, we should not forget the people we got used having around and which passed on last year, God rest their souls, Florian Pitis, Luciano Pavarotti and Colin McRae, but this is also a natural part of life and the changes it involves.
I believe that the New Year will bring even more challenges for us in making our way through life. There will be many new things either planned, either waiting to be discovered for us this year, making our journey not a boring one.
My personal hope is that this year will bring a lot of happiness to everybody and that we will all try to be kinder to our kin than we've been before. Too much we have been slaves to money and power and I think the time has come for us to free ourselves from these chains and live our lives the way they were meant to be lived at the beginnings.

Playing for Change