Thursday, June 07, 2007

First Things I Would do as Microsoft's CEO

If you haven't figured this out from the title yet, this one is going to be a rant about Microsoft again :). I know the internet's full of them and it's quite an worn out subject to rant about them but I decided to do this one more time, then I am not going to even bother about them least until they do something incredibly stupid or outrageous, so I can pick on them again :)).

So, without any further due, let's delve directly into the subject of this article, namely what I would do if by any chance I would become Microsoft's CEO, even for a day.
  1. I would immediately open source all Windows versions, providing a nice subscription system on which all types of users could enter if they wish and which would guarantee them technical support for their Windows system according to their type of subscription (e.g. home edition subscription would be cheaper and would address the common users, enterprise edition subscription would be expensive and would address the enterprises). This move would certainly close the mouths of many free software advocates, including myself. Now we would have the choice to change Windows if we don't like it or shut up and pay for support :).
  2. .NET would also be completely open, well maybe except Visual Studio, which will have a commercial version.
  3. I would change the policy on supporting the Mono project and I would invest some time and money to develop it and make sure it integrates and is compatible with the .NET platform. This would make my development environment ubiquitous.
  4. I would renounce on using DRM on the media distributed on the Zune and I would open Microsoft's multimedia codecs to make them easily accessible to whoever wants to use them, even on Linux.
  5. I would try to make all my software portable so it can be used on all major operating systems.
In short, I would try to have an open perspective on things, it would probably suit me better to collaborate with the industry and help those that need my help, thus better consolidating my position on the market by being present everywhere and seizing more opportunities.

What do you think? Could such attitude work for them or is it a recipe for disaster? I would be very curious on your opinions.

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