Monday, September 04, 2006

The Hunt Is Over

"Every man dies, not every man truly lives." Steve Irwin, better known as the Crocodile Hunter was a man that lived by this motto and his love and respect for wildlife should be an inspiration to us all.
Kudos to you mate, you'll be remembered.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Curse of Software Evaluation Copies

Nowadays every respectable software company which provides proprietary software solutions, offers evaluation copies of their products to their costumers usually by direct download from their sites. Now, this is a positive thing, people who are interested in the latest version of a software product, just go to the developing company's site and simply download the demo version and evaluate it, no strings attached.
On the other hand, some companies do not proceed in this standard way, no, they go through the trouble of adding sign-ups before anyone can download their precious application demos. Now, ain't that cute...but IT'S WRONG!!! Why do I think it's so wrong? Because potential customers usually have to go through a tedious sign up process where they are asked to give all sorts of details about themselves like, address, telephone, email, what's the name of their parents, grandmother and dog, and some other useless and annoying stuff, that is irrelevant to the company providing the demo. I don't think anyone is so comfortable to enter all sorts of details and sign up in numerous sites just to be able to download a piece of demo software. Let's not forget the spam that might just flood their inboxes because the respective "companies" did not properly take care of their private information, or perhaps they are the ones doing the spam, under the pretext that they are informing the customers about "new opportunities". Come on people! Let's be serious, if somebody finds your application useful, they will bookmark your site and return to you. If they really like the software, they will decide to buy it, then you can ask for their details to keep in touch and provide them with updates and they will most probably be glad to offer them to you.
The whole signup to get our demo bit is useless, the users are just annoyed by it and might not even want to download your demo anymore and you don't get any benefits for asking about their details and pestering them with info emails unless they become your customer, so just save yourself some storage space in your databases, and offer the demos free of obligation, or don't offer it at all. Both sides have more to gain if there are no strings attached.

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