Monday, August 21, 2006

Combining Work and Pleasure into Professionalism

Hello again,
It has been a while since I've written an article on my blog, but you know how lazy coders are...This one is going to be about how can one enjoy his/her work and be a good professional at the same time.
I can't say that I have an extensive work experience on which to base my conclusions but I can tell you that the first step you have to do in creating an enjoyable career for yourself is to choose wisely the domain in which you want to build your career. The wisest thing you could do is to choose something you definitely enjoy doing regardless of the amount of time spent to do it. Remember, your own happiness depends solely on you and the choices you make, life is what we make of it, and all the other yada, yada stuff on this life's a bitch subject :)).
Another important thing that you should consider in your career is the kind of people you enjoy working with. My opinion is that the people around us influence us whether we like it or not. If the people around you are all dressed in Armani suits, take pronunciation lessons, don't do anything all day but sit in front of their computer and everybody turns their head when you sneeze or cough, that is fine if you prefer to be a machine instead of a human. But if the workplace atmosphere is open, you hear a nice joke every now and then and you can consider your colleagues as your friends, that seems to me more enjoyable. Which one do you prefer?
I think being a good professional means doing your work with responsibility and with pleasure. If you enjoy what you do and the work environment, that should suffice.

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