Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Password Manager?

Well hello everybody,

I haven't written any new articles in a while so I decided it is time for a new post. This one is going to be about password management for multiple accounts so without any further due here we go.
In today's world of communication and internet it is becoming increasingly hard to keep track of all one's accounts and passwords on different sites and computers they are working on. Even if you have a scheme like the same username and password for all your accounts it is highly unlikely that you can use the same id everywhere (it might be already taken) and also, if you give away your password, you just might get scrued all over. Also something like your birthdate, your lover or your pet's name as a password doesn't cut it. Any ordinary hacker can find such passwords in mere minutes and then he can use your name for purchasing stuff or for who knows what horrors :).
So if you are a security freak and like to have different passwords for different accounts and not just minimal 8 char passwords, at one point you will end up not remembering them or not remembering which password for which account matches and you'll just spend several minutes hacking in your own accounts each time (trying password combinations until you succeed). Well this has started happening to me also, and as an attempt to avoid it I was searching for some kind of easy to use software for managing my accounts and passwords. It would also be nice if you could securely share your account database and/or if you could use the app on a mobile telephone or PDA.
Unfortunately I haven't found any Open Source software that meets these requirements, so I decided I could bring my contribution here by making such application myself. The application will be called Aegis (you can figure out why) and right now is in a functional specification state but keep following, more updates to come.

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