Tuesday, June 13, 2006

ESP - do you believe it exists or not?

Today I've been browsing a bit through Steve Pavlina's blog and I read a few interesting articles on psychic development. I always was drawn to the inexplicable events that might defy normal logic or the physics laws, my favorite TV series of all times being the X-Files. I also used to read articles about paranormal phenomena like the Bermuda Triangle and UFO, and I like to believe that we as humans have these ESP (extra-sensory perceptions) somewhat like a sixth sense even tough most of us are not fully aware of it.
I am sure most of us experienced at some point in time a dream that came true or knew who was calling them on the phone without expecting that specific call, or even knew what somebody close was going to say before they said it, not to mention that all familiar "deja-vu" feeling we all must have experienced. Well my friends, I think this altogether is a proof that ESP is real and we all have the capacity to use it, this just depends on how open we are to these kind of things and how much time we want to invest on improving these skills.
ESP is comprised of multiple parts:
  • precognition - the ability to predict future events
  • remote viewing - the ability to picture in your mind places you have never been to
  • clairvoyance - the ability to know something is taking place without reliance on any of the other five senses
  • telepathy - the ability to know what other people are thinking
  • retrocognition - the ability to look in the past and get information that is not otherwise available to you through common means
In the end I would like to ask you to share your opinions with me on this subject, maybe you even have some interesting ESP related experiences you can also share.

May the Force be with you!


dreq - the one said...

I see no comments .. any readers ? ... Mish.. I'm afraid you lost the readers in the PATH ;)

Mihai Campean said...

Patience my friend, I'm certain they will find their way, after all you got here didn't you :).

Anonymous said...

i believe that ESP is not real. It can't be scientifically be explained and is impossible to repeat like a lab. Our perception is being tricked when we watch david blaine's street magic but in every way, there's a machine or something that tricks our perception.

Mihai Campean said...

Thanks for the comment, indeed not everything that flies can be eaten, but I am not talking here about David Blaine or Chris Angel's stuff, what I meant was a bit more subtle than magic shows :). I am talking about all kinds of weird feelings we get from time to time, which by being explored might turn out to be more than just feelings. All we need to do is pay more attention to these things, because for most of us they are so subtle than we don't even notice.

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