Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Path (I)

Hi again,

"The Path" will be a series of autobiographic posts, so without further introduction here is the first of them.
I saw the light of day - don't remember the exact moment or the feeling :) - in the winter of 1981, month of January, day 29 (actually it was a Thursday, or so I was told). The whole great event took place in the maternity of Deva, Hunedoara with my mother being operated because she couldn't give birth to me the normal way.
I grew up in the mountain town of Certej, about 20 km from Deva where I also went to school for the primary an gimnasyum courses. Since I was a child, I had a thirst for knowledge and I used to watch documentaries about ancient civilizations, human anatomy and animals. The wish to program computers was also an early one for me, but I didn't manage to fulfill it until University studies.
My mother wanted me to be a medic so I took the exam for the Medicine University in Cluj-Napoca, after I finished highschool, but didn't pass it - happy me :). After the failure I decided I should follow my long lost dream to become a programmer so the next year I took the exams for the Computer Science section in the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. Needless to say that I passed, finished with a Batchlor Science Degree in 2005 and now I'm following the Master classes of the same University, while being a Java developer at ISDC Romania.
This would be it for now, stay tunned for more ;)

Have fun!


John Paul the Anonymous said...

.. exalting words ... a truly UNIQUE PATH !!!

Mihai Campean said...

Every man's "Path" is UNIQUE it it's own way...

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